buffet style filled rolls & wraps 


20 pieces on a selection of white wholemeal & malted grain bread

menu 1 - cut fillled rolls

Coronation chicken

Tuna salad

Ham & coleslaw

Cheddar cheese & Branston pickle

Egg Mayonnaise and cress

menu 2- cut filled rolls

Gammon ham salad & wholegrain mustard

Chicken tikka with yogurt & mint dressing

Hummus & falafel with swweet chilli sauce

Brie and Cranberry sauce

Prawn Marie Rose & Lettuce

menu 3- wraps

Coronation chicken

Tuna salad

Hummus falafel & sweet chilli sauce

Chicken Tikka mint & yogurt dressing

Chicken & Bacon

menu 3- wraps

Our menus above can easly be changed to suit any number of combinations at no extra cost so long as you choose from the same catagory.

So you could have all meat or all fish or even just one type. Chicken & Bacon?

Fancy all wholemeal bread? Not a problem.