We’ve been making great food locally since 1983, that’s well over a quarter of a century! 

In that time we have been supplying many local businesses, health, educational and government establishments and as well as shops and garages. We don’t just make all kinds of sandwiches with all kinds of bread we also make filled batons and rolls, that’s large and small, tortilla wraps, salad boxes and bowls & bagels.

Our dedicated team of workers take great care in handcrafting each sandwich. we are able to make small batches of one off fillings which can be for specific individual needs, for example gluten free, halal, vegan etc. 

We deliver direct to you so that our products are as fresh as they can be, they haven’t be transhipped around the country from manufacturer to distributor.

Local food is "MILES" Better, so that must be better for the environment. 

If you require sandwich platters or bulk packed sandwiches then

that’s no problem at all, we can make either in any filling you 
require and packed in a variety of containers
or platters, just give us a call or send an 
e-mail on our contact page.

Welcome to Martins wholesale & trade enquiries